Dan Krueger specializes in created customized nutrition programs for his clients, so they can achieve their fitness goals regardless of what limitations their lifestyle or schedule presents them.

Over the last 6 years, he has helped over 1000 clients achieve their goals while maintaining the lifestyle they enjoy. This is done by creating customized programs that are updated weekly based on each individual clients lifestyle needs.

We work in the foods you enjoy, and plan everything around your schedule. In-between your weekly check-in calls with Dan, you will have 24/7 support via text and email so he can modify your program on the fly. So, you won’t need to turn down those impromptu Happy Hour invites.


Are you spending your evenings and weekends chaperoning your kids to and from sporting events? Are you spending your workdays in happy hours and lunch meetings?

Are you spending more time traveling and living out of hotels and restaurants than you spend at home? NO PROBLEM! We focus on getting the busy professional into amazing shape while enjoying ALL their favorite foods.